Domestic Violence, Abuse & Offense

We know that domestic issues are often emotionally and physically stressful and when children are in the household, it can become even more stressful. Unfortunately the stress level can lead to domestic violence and abuse directed toward a spouse or even to a child.

Often when one of the parents is being abused so is one of the children. Children know what is going on in the household. They see and hear much more than we realize. If children are living in a home where domestic violence is occurring, action needs to be addressed immediately.

Domestic violence/abuse can lead to the filing of a Protective Order Petition to remove the abusing spouse from the home to protect the abused, particularly the children. A Protective Order can last up to two years depending on the circumstances.

Domestic violence can also lead to the filing of a criminal assault and battery charge against the abuser or attacker. When assault charges are taken out, an immediate Emergency Protective Order is issued to remove the attacker from the home for 72 hours.

We have represented both sides of the violence – the abuser and the victim. Depending on your situation we can lead you through the proper actions to be taken to protect you and your children; or, to represent and defend you against an assault charge that has been filed against you.

These situations are serious and the parties need the proper representation which we can offer.

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